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Pairing Selection Window in the Flight Calendar

If you click the button (below the pairings list) in the FC, a window will open which will assist you in quickly selecting the pairing number from the list.  When you open this window you will see four columns of numbers corresponding to the digits in the pairing number. 

As you click on the digits, the pairing number will change to reflect the digits you have selected.  This tool is smart and will adjust the digits range of values so that you cannot normally select a pairing number that doesn't exist.  If you have loaded transition pairings there will normally be a large discontinuity in pairing numbers between the "normal" pairings and the "transition" pairings.  Because of this it will be possible to select pairing numbers that do not exist in the list.  If that happens, BC will automatically change the pairing number to the closest valid number.

You can left-click and drag from the pattern number shown in the window and drop the pairing on a valid operating day on the FC.

You can also select pairings by clicking on the or buttons to move forward or backward in the list.

If you move your mouse over the or buttons, BC will move quickly through the list in the appropriate direction.   If you click, the speed of movement will increas.  If you right-click the speed will decrease.

If the pairing display window is open, the pairing displayed will be updated automatically to reflect the currently selected pairing.