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Using "Avoids" in Pairing Analysis

Just as you can select the pairings you do want, you can "Avoid" the pairings you don't want by "Setting Avoids".  You do this on the bottom of the PA screen as depicted in the image below.

The Avoid Concept

When you select pairings to AVOID (in other words, "Avoid" is active), those pairings are excluded from future searches.   The reason for including this avoid capability in BC is for greater compatibility with PBS scripting, and to actually show how many pairings are eliminated when you use "Avoids" in your bid.

Setting AVOIDS

It is important to remember a few concepts when setting Avoids.  

First, when you choose the criteria you are selecting what you DON'T want as if you want it.  Why is that?  Because you want BC to select all of the pairings you don't want and mark them "Avoid".  That means that you should not normally select an "Avoid" modifiier when specifying your avoid criterion. 

Second, when BC sets Avoids it automatically uses the "OR" join operator.  That is the appropriate operator when defining multiple criteria for pairings you want to avoid.

To define the pairings you want to Avoid, select the criterion for pairings you want to avoid and then press [Set Avoids].  When you click that button, all pairings that match the current avoid criterion (using the "or" join operator) are marked "Avoid".  

If you check the "Add" button next to "Set Avoids , any new avoid criterion you specify will be added the any previously set creiteria when you press .  This is the same as having multiple Avoid commands in your bid, but here you can see how many pairings the avoid conditions actually eliminate.

Whenever you want to actually exclude the "Avoid" pairings in your positive searches, simply check the box next to the "Set Avoids" command button.    When the box is checked, an "A" will appear in front of the "Matching Pairings" number.        That means the pairings being selected exclude the "Avoid" pairings.

Clear Avoids

Pressing [Clear Avoids] will unmark any pairing that were marked "Avoid".  It will also clear the "Avoid Settings" and "Avoid Script".

NOTE:  Avoids are preserved until you explicitly clear them;  however, they are applied in pattern selection only when is checked.  You can also enable avoids in the Layover Analysis Screen.

Show Avoid Script

Pressing [Show Avoid Script] will set the saved avoid criterion in the PS screen, and then display the "Avoid Script" that corresponds with those criterion.  This feature is incomplete at this time because you really do not need it.  BC ultimately will always come up with the list of pairings you DO want, so when entering your bid it isn't necessary to use "AVOID" until you enter your generic script.  And even then your don't need it if you list all of the pairings you want the bid award software to consider when building your line (rotations).