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Adding SVT (AQP) Days and Changing Days for Credit                              

You add SVT (AQP) as a scheduled activity to the flight calendar.  To add the SVT event, right click on the flight calendar over the calendar day block of the date that SVT will begin.  Select the menu item "Set Scheduled Activity" and then "SVT (AQP)".  After you select that menu choice, a small window will pop up allowing you to select SVT for credit.  If you click "SVT for Credit", BC will present a list of push buttons allowing you to select the number of days for credit that you desire (1..4).  The hours associated with each selection appear below the days.  Whatever day choice you make will be the number of hours that will be added to your monthly credit from the SVT event.  After you click [Use] in this selection screen, the 4 days of SVT will appear on your flight calendar, and credit updated to reflect whatever choice you made.

You can change the  SVT credit value in the SG calendar if you have selected any SV days for credit.  You can either select a new credit value in the option box that will appear in the gen sched calendar if SVT is an event for the selected month, or you can remove credit altogether by "unchecking" the "For Credit" box.  Either change will automatically update both the SG and flight calendar credit totals.

SVT pay will always be accounted for in the "Calc Pay" window, regardless of which SVT pay and credit combination you select.