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Changing Daily Credit Values in a Pairing

Sometimes, because of the way a pairing is structured, the daily credit values BC uses in the Flight Calendar may be assigned to the wrong day of the pairing.  This is not a problem for legality checking because BC uses a different methodolgy for that.  However, it can become an issue in some carry-out pairings where the credit values are not assigned to the correct day.  To fix that problem, you can right-click on the pairing in the pairings list (in the FC) and select the menu item "Modify Daily Credit Values".  When you do that BC will produce a screen which shows the credit values for each day of the pairing.  You can then edit these values to whatever they should be.  After you do that you will need to re-drag and dop the pairing back onto the FC and overwrite the previous version.  When you do that, BC will use the values you have entered and the credit totals for the month will be correct.