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Adding Flights (from pairings) to the Pilot Flight Logbook

It's really easy to do this.  All you need to do is go to ICREW and view the pairing that you have recently flown and then select it (you can select ALL using Ctl-A or by holding down the left mouse button and moving the pointer) and copy it using Ctl-C.  After you copy, select [Add Flights] Screen in the Pilot Flight Log and press the [Paste from Windows Clipboard] button.  (If there is no content in the clipboard, this button is disabled.)  Select [Process Contents] and BC will populate the flight log with the appropriate flights. You can see how it's done in the following image sequence. You can paste and process as many pairings as you like.  If a pairing has already been processed, the information in that pairing will be ignored. You can paste the pairings in any order that you like and BC will automatically determine the correct order so that all pairings and flights are placed in sequential order in the pilot flight log.  It's a good idea to paste the complete pairing information because Bid Central also updates the  hotel, hotel phone and limo phone information when you select [Process Contents]. After all flights are in the logbook, click the boxes for takeoffs, landings, night approach and instrument approach for each segment that you actually flew.

Below is an image of the pairing after it has been pasted into the Copied Pairings Window: