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Adding/Removing a Scheduled Activity to/from the Flight Calendar (FC)

You can easily add scheduled activities to the flight calendar as far into the future as you like.  Bid Central defined scheduled activities include the following:  Vacation, Reserve Days for reserve lines, Scheduled Training, Military LeaveSimulator Seat Support, and Union Leave.  You can also create any activity you want (with any name and color you want) and assign any daily or total credit for that activity, and have it appear where you want it on the Flight Calendar (FC).   SVT (CQ) can also be added but it is added in basically a single click, and this is covered in more detail in another topic.   All scheduled activities (and the appropriate credit values) will appear on the RGSG Calendar if you open it after you've put them on the FC.  

To add a scheduled activity, right click over the first or last day of the activity on the calendar (not the number but the actual block).  The day menu will appear.  Select "Set scheduled activity".  Then select the activity you are adding to the calendar. (e.g. Vacation Begin)  After selecting the activity, the first day will be shaded and the shading will change over each day below the cursor as you move over the day blocks on the calendar.   

Note:  You can cancel the "Add Activity" operation by moving the mouse pointer over the [Cancel] button which is enabled after you start the "Add Activity" operation.  

What follows is a set of screenshot that add the "Training" activity to the FC.  To begin, right-click over the calendar day block (grey area) of the first or last day of the activity.  In this case the first day will be June 1.

As you move the mouse pointer over day blocks, they will be shaded in the color of the activity you have selected.

When you are on the last (or first if you select the days backward) day of the activity (in this case 6) simply left-click, and the days between will be populated and shaded with that activity.

You can finish adding the scheduled activity in one of two ways:  The easiest way is simply to left-click on the day that ends the activity.  The other way is to right click over the first or last day of the activity and then select  "Set Scheduled Activity" and then '...Activity End'.  Using either method, the entire activity will then be shaded and labeled and the credit value for the FC will be updated. 

Note:  After Making any changes to the FC, you must always press for the change to be permanent.  If you press the FC will be restored to where it was the last time you pressed [Save].

You can remove an activity by right clicking over the shaded area and selecting "Remove Activity" as shown in the screen shot.

If you are adding a "user defined" activity, the window for entering the specific activity information will appear after you define the beginning and end days.  Click this link for more information about adding User Defined Activities.