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Ramjet Schedule Generater (RJSG)

The Ramjet Schedule Generatore (RJSG) is one of the most powerful tools in Bid Central. The BC Schedule Generator is the only "real time" visual schedule builder in the world.  It will build every possible combination of schedules from your bookmarked pairings which meet legality requirements and honor selected days off and scheduled activities.  The RJSG uses "seven day lookback from midnight local base time" to ensure only legal schedules are built.  The RJSG will quit building schedules when either (1) It has analyzed all possible schedule combinations or (2) It has reached the 999 schedule limit.  Once schedules are built, the RJSG will display them visually on the calendar, allowing you to easily move between them.  

When you open the RJSG calendar, all scheduled activities from your flight calendar (for that month) will appear in the SG calendar, along with whatever credit value they have.  Any carry-in pairings and value will also be shown on the calendar.  In the image below you can see vacation is shown with a credit of 16:48.  There is no carry-in pairing in this example.  This is how the RJSG would appear before creating schedules with no days marked as "OFF"

The following screen shot shows the RJSG after schedules were generated using a small set of randomly bookmarked pairings.

Note:  Any holidays or important dates you have defined will also appear on the RJSG Calendar.

What follows are links describing how to perform different tasks on the SG screen:

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