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Adding and Removing Important Dates from Flight Calendar                   

You can keep a list of important dates that you want to appear on your flight calendar. This feature is most useful with birthdays and anniversaries. The list of important dates is kept in a table on the Profile Screen.  To access that screen, select "Preferences" and "User Profile"

Importing Important Dates from Bid Buddy

If Bid Buddy is installed on your computer, you can import your Bid Buddy list of important dates with one click.  Simply click the following button.

The imported list of important dates will instantly appear in the list of important dates, and this button will be permanently disabled.

Adding Occasions

To add a new occasion to the list, select .  When you do, the three fields below the button will be enabled. Type the name of the occassion (e.g. Jane's Birthday), then the date of the occasion (you can right-click over the date to bring up a date-select calendar), and then check the 'show age'  box if you want BC to calculate the age for each year the occasion is displayed.  Once satisfied with your entry click [Save].  When you click [Save] the occasion is added to the special dates list, and also added to the small and large flight calendars for every year.  If you don't want to save the occasion, click on [Cancel].  Note:  If the flight calendar is on the month in which the occasion occurs, you will have to click a different month and then back to the desired month to see the change reflected on the flight calendar.

Editing Previously Saved Occasions

You can edit the important date information in your list directly in the grid.  Any changes you make that way are automatically saved.

Deleting Occasions

To Delete an occasion click on the small box to the left of the occasion.   When you click [Use], BC will ask you if you want to remove it from the calendar.  If you answer "Yes", BC will remove all references to that occasion on your large and small flight calendars without affecting any other information.   If you accidentally mark an entry, click again to toggle the delete mark "OFF". 

Once marked for deletion, if you leave the profile screen by selecting [Use] and then return to it, the item will be removed from the list.  If you leave the profile screen using [Exit], the item will remain on the list but marked for deletion.  If an item is marked for deletion and then you add a new occasion without leaving the profile screen, the new item will replace the previously marked item in the list.

Note:  Click this link to see how to choose the holidays that appear on the FC.