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Manually Adding Pairings  to RJSG Calendar

You can manually add pairings to the Gen Sched calendar.  You can do so to any schedule after generating pairings, or by creating a blank schedule.  To create a blank schedule, press the command button.    You many press this button as many times as you like to create as many "manual" schedules as you like, up to the 999 schedule limit.  The number of schedules will increase by one each time you press the button.  

To drag a pairing onto the calendar, select the pairing you want to drag from the pairing list by left-clicking on it.  Then left-click and hold and "drag" the pairing out of the list onto the calendar.  When you begin to drag you will see the "hand" over the pairing to indicate that you've initiated the drag.    Drag the pairing onto a valid operating day (as indicating by highlighting on the calendar) and then drop it on the body of the calendar.  Bid Central will not allow you to drop the pairing on a day on which the pairing does not depart.

When adding pairings manually, Bid Central does the same legality checks as when building pairings automatically.   BC will accommodate manually dropped "overlapped" pairings.

NOTE:  You can remove a pairing by right clicking over the pairing on the calendar, and then selecting "Remove pairing" from the pop-up menu.  

If when you drag and drop a pairing onto the RJSG Calendar and there is a conflict with another pairing, BC will not allow you to drop it.  If you do drop the pairing but there is a legality issue, BC will give the legality warning and normally not allow the pairing drop.