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Adding User Defined Activities to the FC

A user defined activity is any activity you want to define yourself.  Normally you will not need to define your own activities as BC has most of the possible activities covered.  But if there is an activity you want to define yourself, you may do so and apply any credit value you desire.  Once you define an activity, it will always be available for selection at a future time.

You add a user defined activity just as you would any other activity with one exception.  Once you have defined the days for the activity, the following window will appear allowing you either to select a previously defined activity or add a new one.

In the case shown, there are no previously defined activities to choose from.

To define a new activity select

When you do, the appropriate fields will be enabled.  In this example we are defining the activity for the Captain Leadership Course.

Initially the name used was "CL" but after saving was edited and changed to "Capt Lead" as shown below.

After the activity is defined, select [Use Activity] and it will be put on the FC as shown.

As always, the credit total will be updated to reflect the daily (or total) credit you assigned to this new activity.