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Adding Pairings to Flight Calendar (How to do it)

To put a pairing on the flight calendar do the following

1)  Select the pairing in the pairing list.  Note that the days the pairing operates are highlighted when you select the pairing.

2)  When you select the pairing, the number is put into the box below the list of pairings with the heading "Selected pairing"

3)  Left-click and hold over the selected pairing and drag the pairing over the calendar block for a valid operating day.

  Left-Click over this box and hold to begin the trip drag.

You cannot drop a pairing on a day on which it doesn't operate.  As you move the mouse over the calendar the mouse pointer will change to the "no drop" icon as you move over day on which the pairing does not operate. Remember that you are dropping on the actual calendar day block as shown here: 


Do not try to drop on top of the actual day number or the area next to the day number.  Once you get to a valid operating day (a day on which you want to drop the trip), the mouse pointer will turn to the "piece of paper" indicating it is ok to drop the pairing.   Drop the pairing by releasing the left mouse button.  When you do that, BC will put the pairing on the FC in the current shade sequence color for dropped pairings.  The trip days will be shaded in that shade.

4)  After dragging all of your pairings onto the calendar select "Preferences" and then "Resequence Pairing Shading" to normalize trip shading on the FC.