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User Profile Screen

The User Profile Screen is where you enter information about yourself, your aircraft, position, and base.  You also select your overall BC preferences on this screen.  You can add a list of important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) that you want BC to include on your Flight Calendar and RJSG Calendar.

Note:  If Bid Buddy is installed on your computer, Bid Central will automatically import the "user" personal information.  

You can also import previously saved important dates by clicking the following button in the "Important Dates" section.

Note: Once you have imported important dates, the button will be disabled and subsequently disappear.

On the right side of the User Profile Screen is a section with three tabs. 

The first tab is for selecting your overall General Preferences.  Click this link or a detailed description of each preference.

The second tab is the "Colors" tab.  This is where you select the trip shade colors you want to use in the Flight Calendar.

To change the shade color, move your cursor over the color and left-click.  The color-selection window will open and you can select a different color.

The third tab is the "Pay Rates" tab. 

When you enter your aircraft and position, BC will automatically look up your pay.  If the result is wrong, you can enter the appropriate rate manually.  You can also manually enter the daily rate for vacation and per diem.  These are the rates used to calculate the "Projected Pay" for your Flight Calendar (FC) Schedule.