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Automatically Adding Awarded Pairings to the Flight Calender

You can automatically add your PBS awarded trips to your FC.  To do this, select "Pairings"..."Add Awarded Rotations to Flight Calendar".

The following window will appear:

Missing image: spm2010-02-19 0945.09.625.bmp

Now go to the internet version of PBS and select the "Results" tab as shown.

Missing image: spm2010-02-19 0950.03.468.bmp

Missing image: spm2010-02-19 1000.11.234.bmp

Now copy the entire Reasons Report.  The easiest way to do that is to click in the report and select "Ctrl-A" to highlight the report and then "Ctrl-C" to copy it.  Another way is to left-click at the beginning of the report and while holding down the left mouse button, moving to the bottom of the report.  Then Right-Click and select "Copy" or copy using "Ctrl"-"c".

Then return to Bid Central "Add Awarded Pairings" window and select:  Missing image: spm2010-02-19 0954.18.015.bmp

The Reasons Report will be pasted into the window as shown here:  

Missing image: spm2010-02-19 0954.59.500.bmp

Now Select:  Missing image: spm2010-02-19 0956.00.406.bmp
Bid Central will process the Reasons Report, and add your awarded trips to your Flight Calendar.