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Changing the Parings View in the RJSG

It is important to remember that regardless of what pairings you display in the pairings display window of the RJSG, the RJSG will still only use bookmarked pairings to generate schedules.  However, you can change the pairings list to show either All pairings or Bookmarked pairings as shown here.

All pairings: 

Bookmarked ONLY pairings: 

Note that when a bookmarked pairing is selected in the trips list, the "BM" box is checked as shown here:

You can check or un-check this box at any time to bookmark or un-bookmark a pairing in the RJSG Calendar.  If you are displaying BM only pairings, and you un-check the BM box, that pairing will be removed from the list.  There are many other ways to bookmark pairings as described in the following link:  Bookmarking Parings

Note:  Do not mistake the pairing bookmark from the schedule bookmark in the RJSG Calendar.  The schedule bookmark will be available anytime there is a schedule on the RJSG Calendar as shown here:

For information on bookmarking schedules click this link:  Bookmarking Schedules in the RJSG.