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Bid Central Preference Options

You set your general preferences for Bid Central on the User Profile Screen, Preferences Tab:

Description of Preference Options

Time:  BC uses only military time now so this option will have no effect.

Show Ages with Dates:   If you "check" this option, any special occassions you have defined in the User Profile Screen will appear in the calendars showing the years elapsed since the event.  For birthdays it will be the person's age.  For anniversaries it will be the number of the anniversary.

Show Hints on Controls:  If you "check" this option, BC will briefly show hints or special information when you move the cursor over most controls.  Many of the controls in BC have those hints, but not all of them.

Show Hotels on Calendar:  When you drop a trip onto the Flight Calendar BC will show information about that trip.  With this box "checked" BC will include the layover hotel name on the Flight Calendar (FC).

Show Hotel Phone Number on Calendar:  With this option "checked" BC will show the layover hotel phone number when you drop a trip onto the Flight Calendar.

Show Daily Trip Routing on Calendar:  With this option "checked" BC will show the daily trip routing in the Flight Calendar Day Block for trips you drop onto the Flight Calendar.  The screenshots below show examples of "checked" and "unchecked".

Show Check-in Time on Calendar:   With this option "checked", BC will put the trip check-in time in the first block of any trips your drop onto the Flight Calendar as shown in this screen shot.

Add one day to redeye return trips:  Because redeye trips usually depart before midnight, they arrive the next day.  But because the duty period begins on the previous night the trip will not show that it ends on the next day unless you check this option.

Make html Calendars Transparent:

Save Last Prefs as Defaults in Pattern Analysis:  If you check this box BC will always save the preferences you have selected in the PA Screen when you exit that screen, and then restore them when you open it again.

Enable Sound Effects:  When "checked" BC sound effects will be enabled and active.

Set Alarms After Transfer to MS Outlook:  Check this link for detailed information about transferring your Flight Schedule to the MS-Outlook Calendar and the meaning of this option.