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Very Small Calendar Screen

To open the Very Small Calendar Screen, click [Edit Small Calendar] on the FC Screen.

The very small calendar (VSC) screen is essentially a miniture version of the FC.  The information on the VSC is independent of the information on the FC.  When you add a trip to the FC, it will also be added to the VSC, but because the calendar day blocks are so small, the information put in the day blocks is in abbreviated form.  You can type any additional information in the day blocks that you want.  And you can switch from month-to-month without having the change the FC.  Holidays and important dates you program will always appear on the VSC.

The reason for having a VSC is to offer a way to print out a very small flight calendar that you can take with you on trips.

Note:  Just as in the FC, any changes you make on the VSC will require your to press [Save] for those changes to become permanent.

To the right of the VSC is an area where you can enter any notes you want for the month.  These notes are specific to the VSC and different from the Calendar Day Notes that are available in the FC.  

Printing the VSC

You can print the VSC in two different sizes as you can see on the screen:  4.5" x 3.5" or even smaller 3.5" x 3.0".  When you print in either size, the any notes you entered are also printed next to the calendar.  If you have no notes, you can simply trim the paper so you have only the calendar without the area for notes.  The dimensions specified assume you trim down to the calendar only.  This is the only place from which you can print the VSC.