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Printing Pairings (Patterns)

There are many different places to print pairings in Bid Central, and several different formats to select from.  Normally when you get your flight schedule you will put it onto the BC Flight Calendar.  Once on the FC you can print your awarded pairings either individually or all at once.  To print them all at once, click on [Print Calendar].  This will open the following window.

Once here you can select the printout format you want all the pairings in the bid month.  The following choices discussed are for printing only your pairings without a calendar.  What follows is detailed information about each choice.  Click this link for more information about all of the choices on the "Print Calendar" screen.

Pairings Only Enhanced Format:

Pairings Only in Wide Format:

Pairings Only Small Font:  When you select this choice a checkbox will appear for "DAL Format".  If you check this box, the trips will be in the DAL format. 

If you do NOT check the box, the trips will appear in the NWA Format.  This is the only report on this screen that allows you to print the all FC pairings specifically in the "DAL Format".  (You can print trips in the DAL format by selecting the trips individually in the FC.  The trips will print in the format you display before printing the trip.)