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Print Calendar Screen

This screen gives you different options for printing your Flight Calendar and the pairings on it.  Recommend that you try each printout to see which ones you like most.  Here is a description of each option.

Small Calendar with pairings 8.5 x 11:  Will show your FC and then below it all of the pairings on it.  The paper size will be 8.5 x 11.  Each pattern will appear as many times as it appears on the calendar even if you fly the same pattern multiple times.  The pattern operating dates will be color coded to match the shading on the calendar.

Small Calendar with pairings 8.5 x 14:  Same report as above except the paper size is legal.  This will normally allow all of your pairings to print out on a single page.

Small Calendar with pairings 8.5 x 11 (third option): This is the same as the first option with one exception.  If you fly a pattern more than once, that pattern will appear only once below the FC.  The dates you fly the pattern will be color coded above the pattern print out to match the colors on the FC.

Small Calendar with pairings 8.5 x 14 (fourth option):  Same report as above except the paper will be legal sized thereby allowing more pairings to fit on the same page.

Small Calendar with day note:  Will print your Flight Calendar and then below it, all day notes you have entered for that month.

Large Calendar Only:  Will print out only your Flight Calendar on a full 8.5" x 11" inch page in landscape format.

Pairings Only Enhanced Format:  Will print all the pairings on your FC in a very nicely formatted and color coded printout.

Pairings Only Wide Format:  Will print all pairings on your FC in NWA style wide format.

Traditional Calendar with Pairings:  See the image shown.

Pairings Only Small Font:  Click this link for more info on this option.

Large Calendar Only (Previous Shading):