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What's New in Bid Central 10

Why BC 10?

Because of the new data structures employed in service of the new flight legality checking algorithms, BC installs as a separate prgram which will appear on your desktop as Bid Central 10.0.  Only your profile and important dates information will be copied from your BC 9 files;  however, all data from BC 9 is preserved and you can run BC9 as before to review any information you desire.  BC 10 has it's own unique backup folder so there is no intermixing of data between the two programs. (Intermixing data created problems in the past.)  BC10 also uses an updated installer so you don't have to run BC10 in compatibility mode!  

For Jan 2014, Delta changed the pairing format so you cannot process Jan 2014 pairing in BC 9.  However, BC 10 is backward compatible so you can process pairing from months before 2014 in BC 10 so long as you select the correct pairings to process.  If you accidentally select a 2014 pairing to process and you've selected a year prior to 2014, you will get a pairing processing error.  The reverse is also true.

There were three bugs in Rev 0 that are corrected in Rev 1 that relate to FAR 117 legality checking.  Also Rev 1 will hopefully force self registration of the unzipping OLE control that is used to unzip the pairing zip file you download from DeltaNet.

Global Changes to BC 10
  • All new legality checking to incorporate the new FAR 117 requirements.  BC checks for all legalities except the 1000 hours in 365 days.  That will be coming as well in 2014, but for it to work you will have to add your actual flown pairings into the new Pilot Flight Logbook (PFL).  You can change the buffers values in the "Legality Checking Buffers" screen.
  • The Pilot Flight Logbook.  See the help topic for more details.

    Flight Calendar Changes

    1)  There is now a button on the FC that will allow you to clear all activities on the calendar that depart in the selected month.  As always, you must save the FC after the action is complete, or cancel if you want to revert.
    2)  BC now draws a circle (or ellipse depending upon FC dimensions) around the current date.
    3)  You now open the "Edit Month Notes" window under the "Edit" menu.
    4)  All legality checking is now active in the FC.  You can set the legality checking time buffers for FDP and FT checking in the "Buffers" item in the "Preferences" menu.  If you drop a pairing on the FC and a legality rule is violated, BC will tell you which one.

    Ramjet Changes

    1) There is no legality button in the Ramjet as all legality rules now apply in all cases.  BC will warn you about any rule violation if you unsuccessfully drop a pairing onto the Ramjet Calendar.
    2) CQ days are now shown as fixed in a window.  Travel credit is automatically applied if you have selected one or two travel days on the FC.
    3) There are some minor improvements to the Full Schedule Grid.

    Warpdrive Changes

    You can now display both varieties of schedule grid in the Warpdrive SG after building schedules.

    Other Changes

    1)  The menus have changed somewhat to incorporate the new features.
    2)  The Easter Egg has changed.
    3)  The Web Links in the "Links to.." menu have been updated to eliminate obsolete links and add some new ones that you might like.
    4)  There have been cosmetic improvements across the program.
    5)  If you select "Show Aphorisms on F/A briefing form" under "Preferences"... "User Profile", BC will add an aphorism to the F/A briefing form.  A new aphorism is selected for each time you print F/A briefing forms.  You can view the Aphorisms Screen from "Reports"...."F/A Briefing Forms for all Segments"...."Aphorism Display and Entry Screen".  From this screen you can view, add, or change the aphorisms I have included in BC.
    6)  There is a new BC clock available in the "Select" menu.
    7)  C/O Days in the PA screen has been fixed to show the correct number of days.