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Bookmark Pairing (Pattern) Sets (Managing)

Bid Central allows you to create "Bookmark Pairing (Pattern) Sets" or (BPS).   A BPS is a set of bookmarked trips that you save, and then can restore as needed.  You save and restore your BPS on the "Manage BPS Screen" available in the "Pairings" menu.  

On this screen you can easily save and restore sets of BM pairings.  You can easily change BPS  when building schedules.  A BMS is only setable in the bidmonth in which it was originally saved.  Bid Central allows up to 25 different BPS.  

BC saves the following information in each BMS:  Trip, Rank, Selected Operating Days.  When you save a BPS, all Bookmarked trip data is saved to the set.  You can give the set a unique name for easier access later.

Saving a set of Bookmarked Trips/Pairings

To save a BPS, select the set # you want to save under.  After selecting the set #,  you can also type a unique name in the "Enter/Edit Name" block. If you don't give the set a name, BC will name it for you using the month and the set number to define the name.   After you type the name, the name will be updated in the "Select by Name" dropdown list.  Then press the [Save Current Bookmarks to ....] button.  BC will display a message if the BPS has been successfully saved.  It will also put a checkmark under the "Saved" column to indicate that data has been saved in that BPS.  

Note:  If there are no pairings bookmarked in the trips list for that month, the "Save Bookmarks" button will be disabled.

Recalling Previously Saved Bookmarks

Whenever a BPS is selected that both has data (i.e. "Saved" is checked), and matches the bid month you've selected, then the [Set Bookmarks to Bookmark Set....] will be enabled.  When you press that button, the trip bookmarks will be updated (recalled) to reflect that BMS set.  Here is what you will briefly see after recalling a BPS.

And then you will see the following:

If you have saved a BPS, but the month does not match the month on the calendar, the BPS month will appear in red.

When using the SG, you may keep the "Manage BPS Screen" open to easily change from one set of of bookmarked trips to the next.

Merging Different Bookmarked Pattern Sets

You can merge any BPS to the existing set bookmarked pairings.  Simply check "Merge new set with existing bookmark pairings", and the new set will be merged when you press [Set Bookmarks to Set...].

You can also display the currently bookmarked pairings directly from the BPS screen.  When you press , the Matching Pattern Window will open but show only "bookmarked" pairings (rotations).