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Bookmarking Pairings when doing Pairing Analysis

"Bookmarking" at pairing is simply telling BC to remember it.  You bookmark pairings you like and optionally rank them in your order of preference.  The pairing Analysis (PA) screen and the Layover Analysis (LA) screen are where you normally find the pairings you want.  You then display those pairings in the "Matching pairing" Window.  It is in this window that you normally "Bookmark" and rank those pairings that appeal to you.  BC will remember all pairings you bookmark until you either clear your Bookmarks, or unbookmark pairings either individually or collectively. 

It is important to remember that "Bookmarked" pairings are the only pairings used by the Ramjet Schedule Generator(RJSG) to create schedules.  After you bookmark a pairing it is automatically given a rank of whatever is in the Rank box.  (If there is no value in the rank box, the number 3 will be assigned as the rank.)   You can rank a pairing (or group of pairings)  between 1 and 33.  You can also set up BC to automatically bookmark and rank your preferred pairings.

You can click on the "+" or "-" boxes to increase or decrease the rank by one.  

You can toggle pairing bookmarks in several ways.  The easiest is to 'right-click' on the small arrow control.  You can also click on the bookmark check box, or right click in the pairing or over the pairing in the pairing select list.  You can also bookmark pairings in the schedule generator by checking or unchecking the "bookmark" check box ( in the upper right portion of the screen) when the pairing is selected.  

You can bookmark sets of selected pairings by pressing [BM ALL Selected pairings].  All selected pairings will then be given the rank you've selected before you press the button.   You can re-rank all of the pairings by changing the rank to a new value and again pressing [BM ALL Selected pairings].

You can also Bookmark pairings in the Ramjet Schedule Generator Screen.