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Bookmarking Schedules in the RJSG

To Bookmark a schedule, click the "Bookmark" checkbox.

You can Bookmark and rank up to 80 different schedules.   When you click on the bookmark checkbox, the rank window will open, allowing you to rank the schedule between 1 and 80. 

Positions that have not been used appear in red.  When you select a rank value, the rank window will close and you will see the ranking you gave the schedule in the window as shown.

Once you have ranked a schedule, that ranking will appear in "blue" when you rank another trip.  If you select a "blue" ranking, all schedule rankings inclusive and adjacent to that ranking will be increased (moved to the right) by one until there is an unused rank position available. So you don't ever have to worry about leaving space for a higher ranking because you can always select any ranking and have the other rankings re-adjust automatically.

If there are no unused positions up to 80, then the schedule ranked 80 will be "unranked" when the other adjacent rankings are adjusted.  This capability allows you to easily reselect a high rank position and have the other rankings fall in order without having to manually re-rank any trips.

Un-ranking a Schedule

You can "unrank" a ranked schedule by "unchecking" the bookmark.   That rank position will then become available to rank a different schedule.  

Note: Once all 80 rank values have been used, the rank checkbox will be disabled on any unranked schedules.