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Commuter Flight Setup Overview

The Bid Central commuter flight feature offers unprecedented integration of commuter flight information with your actual flight schedule.   Bid Central supports both one and two leg commutes.  You can define as many commute routes as you like.  After you define a route, you can enter the flights for that route.   There are several ways to easily enter and update the latest flight information for Northwest.  For flights on other airlines, you will have to enter the flight information manually.

Once you have entered your commuter flight information, you will be able to instantly display the commuter flights that connect with both ends of the trips on your flight calendar. You simply right-click anywhere over the shaded part of the trip to bring up the flight calendar menu.  Then select "Show Commuter Flights -Style 1 (or 2)".  The flights that connect with your trip will instantly be displayed in a versitile and easy-to-understand format.  If trips are on consecutive days, BC assumes that you won't commute home between trips (you never would).  In that case, BC will find the last day of the last trip in the sequnce and display the commuter flights that connect with that trip arrival.

Here are the steps you need to take to set up Bid Central to support the commuter flight feature.
1) Select "Preferences" and then "Commuter Flight Setup".  This will bring up the Commuter Route/Flight Setup Screen.
2) Initially, the Routes, and Flights section are blank because you have yet to enter them.  The "Show Commute To Work" button will already be pressed.  Click on the [Add/Remove Routes(s) to Work] Command Button.  This will open the "Routes to Work" Screen.
3) Note that you can define both single and double leg commutes.  Select the type of route you want to define, and then press [New]
4) When you select [New], the "from" and "to" selection windows are enabled.  The "to" city should be your base as defined in your profile.
Select the "from" city that you normally commute from.  Then press [Save].  The new route will then appear in the route list.  Remember, there are two separate lists:  one for commuting to work and another for commuting home.  Enter all of the routes that meet your commuting needs.  If you want to enter a 2-leg commute route, you will need to press the [Double Leg Commute] button first, then [New].  You can add and delete routes at any time.  When finished, press [Exit] to return to the "Commuter Route/Flight Setup" screen.
5) The last step is to add flights for the selected route.  See the help topic for that subject for more details.

Deleting Flights

You can mark any flight for deletion by clicking in the small box in the far left column of the flight display.  When you click on the box, it will be filled in black indicating that the flight is marked for deletion.  You an "unmark" it by clicking again.  Once the flight has been marked, the [Remove Deleted] command button will be enabled.  Clicking that button will actually delete the flights from the database and update the display.