Send-It-Up Information Page

What is Send-it-Up?

Send-it-Up is a new companion application to Bid Central that does many things.  The most important of those is automatically uploading your Bid Central bid script into PBS.   You no longer have to enter your bid manually into the Navblue interface.  Send-it-Up will do that for you.  Click this link to watch an overview video of Send-It-Up.

But that isn't the only feature of Send-it-Up.   You also now have single-click download of the pairings .zip file right into Bid Central.  With one click from the Send-it-Up dashboard the pairings in your category (for the month you specify) will be downloaded so that when you start Bid Central they are waiting to be processed.

Finally, Send-it-Up offers single click access to the ICrew main screen, Open Time, Travelnet, Jumpseat booking,  your Paycheck,  your past, current, and future schedule.  It will also automatically upload all the previous month's actual flying into the Pilot Flight Logbook. Send-it-Up will also automatically populate the other pilot name(s) on the F/A briefing form and Pilot Segment Forms in BC after retrieving your current or future schedule in cases where those specific pairings have been added to your BC Flight Calendar.

Here are some features I expect to add incrementally:  (1)  Automatic Jumpseat booking at the earliest possible moment as I believe I have cracked the code on this capability.  (2)  Automatic entry of scheduled and actual flying into the BC Flight Calendar when you update your current and future schedule.  (3)  Ability to automatically process any made-up pairing in open time in Bid Central and test for legality in the Flight Calendar.  (4) Integration of commuter flights scheduling/jumpseat flight selection in BC with Travelnet.  (5)  A subscription service for open time and the Icrew Swap board.  (6)  Additional capability I haven't yet thought of that I think will add to the user experience.

How much does it Cost?

Because of the tremendous effort required to develop the bid script upload  and other capability, capability, Send-it-Up will be a separate add-on subscription to Bid Central at a cost of $40/year.  Considering the time you will save not having to manually enter your bid every month (not to mention, no mistakes) this is a bargain.  Furthermore, there will be a one-time licensing fee for the IMacros Player that is installed with Send-it-Up.  This player acts as the interface between the Send-it-Up processing algorithms and Navblue PBS, and all other Internet functions.  This player appears on your screen as the "Send-It-Up Execution Browser" and it is very similar to Internet Explorer in appearance.  The one-time cost for the IMacros Player license is $99 + tax.  You can purchase the player license on the Send It Up registration page.  Just include the payment with your subscription.  You will need to purchase your player license for Send-it-Up to work properly.

After Installation:

After installing Send-It-Up, right-click on the Send-It-Up icon and select "Properties".  After the Properties window comes up, click the "Compatibility" tab.  Then check the box next to "Run as Administrator" and click [Apply].  You can now click on the Send-It-Up icon to start the following: (1)  Click on the IMacros desktop icon to open.  (2)  Click "Buy Now".  (3)  Click "Already a Customer"  (4)  Enter your Player License Code.  (5)  Close the IMacros Browser.  You must also configure the Send-It-Up browser from the Configuration tab.  Click the button and follow the instructions.

VERY IMPORTANT:  When you perform that NavBlue Login Test or Upload your Bid Script, make sure that no boxes are checked on the NavBlue Synchronization Screen.  You may have to open NavBlue in your browser (just copy the web address) to permanently uncheck the boxes.  If any boxes are checked, the login in test and bid script upload will not work!

Click this link to download and Install Send-It-Up.  Click run after downloading.

Revision Information:

Rev 80

  1. Updates SIU Navblue login test and bid script entry to account for the changes in Navblue

  2. Updates the bid month date tags for Jan 2020

Rev 78

Any greater than six days off was being truncated in the generic bid of the bid script.  This update should fix that issue as long as you also update to Rev 110 of Bid Central

Rev 77

Fixes an issue displaying pay statements.  Now when you select the menu item to view pay statements, a window will open allowing you to select the pay statement you want to view from those you have downloaded previously in SIU.

Rev 74

  1. Adds bid month date tags for Dec 2019 bidding

  2. Completes the solution for adding your name to the deadhead PNR including adding TSA information.

  3. Completes the solution for deadhead flight check-in from the deadhead flight list.  Will send your boarding pass to your cell phone.

Rev 70

  1. Fixes an error condition that would occur when getting future schedule.

  2. Adds bid month date tags for Nov 2019 bidding

  3. Adds TSA info for automatically adding your name to the deadhead PNR.  To enter this info go to the "Personal Information" tab and then click "Enter TSA Info"

  4. Improve the script for deadhead flight check-in.

Rev 67

I messed up the logic for selecting the appropriate date tag for the date 10/29 which would result in any bid line with that date not uploading.  Fixed in this update.  My bad.

Rev 66

  1. Delta changed something in Icrew which prevented SIU from getting the schedule pairing detail when getting monthly schedules.  I've tweaked the scripts so that this feature works properly.

Rev 65

  1. Fixes a problem downloading pairings for certain categories.

  2. Fixes a problem changing position category for pairing download in SIU.

Rev 64

  1. Updates bid month date tags for uploading your October 2019 Bid Script

  2. Adds "Go Jet" detection for off-line deadheads added into your deadhead flight list

Rev 63

  1. Updates the bid month date tags for September bid script upload.

  2. Speeds up the script for getting the Reasons Report and also for going to the Fleet Page for your category.

Rev 62

  1. Fixes a bug that occurred when uploading your bid script and selecting a date

  2. Fixes an error message condition that would occur after getting your current schedule and then selecting the "Display" menu

  3. Further speeds up the script for downloading the file

Rev 60

  1. Updates the date tags for August bid script upload.

  2. Improves and speeds up pairing download.  It should now work as advertised and be quite fast.

Rev 58

1.  Updates the date tags for July for bid script upload.

2.  Updates the Icrew login script for better pop-up bypass

3.  Fixes a but when trying to download monthly pairings.  There is still an issue that I don't understand.  SIU will find your category to download and download the file, but the size of the file is 0 so it is not useable.  I don't know why this is happening as this didn't occur before and I've changed nothing.

Rev 56

After additional personal experience, I've changed the way SIU handles pop-ups so that it doesn't stall out when there are not multiple pop-ups.  The objective is for SIU to perform whatever function you want regardless of the number of pop-ups (or absence thereof).  It turns out this is rather tricky because SIU cannot anticipate what pop-ups you have in advance, and must respond to whatever appears.  I'm still not sure I've found the perfect solution, but I believe this solution will work most of the time if you don't have more than a few pop-ups when you log on.  Please give me your feedback because I can test only for myself which doesn't cover all possibilities.  I try to anticipate, but I can't test to be sure what I anticipate actually works in real world use.

Rev 55

I've rewritten and extensively tested new scripts for all Icrew functions so that they bypass as many as four pop-up notifications including notifications that require a password.  This update also corrects a bug in displaying the deadhead flight list screen when you have no deadheads scheduled.  There was a problem with pairing downloads this month because of the inconsistent naming convention that crew resources used this month.  Hopefully, for July they will be back to normal and everything will work as advertised.

Rev 54

  1. Fixes a bug in bid script upload to Navblue that would occur in the level six follow-up if there is a specific depart-on date for that pairing.

  2. I continue to work to improve the Icrew login bypass if their are multiple pop-ups.  Still not sure it works the way I want it to because I have only myself to experiment on.

Rev 53

  1. Fixes a mistake in the July date tags for correctly uploading your June Bidscript

  2. Improves the Icrew Login script to bypass multiple versions of pop-ups and still be fast.

Rev 52

  1. Contains month tags for correctly uploading your June 2019 Bid Script.

  2. Improves the Icrew Login scripts to bypass pop-ups without slowing the script down, or stopping it from running.

Rev 50

I have continued experimenting with new ways to make SIU scripts faster and more reliable in their operation.  With positive results from these experiments I release this update.  First, this fixes a problem with the script to download your most recent pay statement.  Secondly, you will find that almost all of the scripts are significantly faster and more reliable.  As best I can tell, every script is now operating quickly and without error.  Of course, if your internet connection is really slow, that might not be the case as all of these scripts have been developed with fairly fast internet connections in mind.  That being said, unless your internet connection is really slow, they should work well.  Please provide feedback if you have any issues.

Rev 48

  1. Improves the login speed for all ICrew functions when there is no pop-up.

  2. Fixes problems with getting the Reasons Report.  I've retooled and tested this script many times.

  3. Fixes a problem checking you into a flight in the Deadhead Flight List.  You should now be able to do a single-click check-in and have your boarding pass sent to your phone.

  4. Fixes reliability of downloading the pairings for your category.

Rev 47

I continue to tweak the scripts to operate better and more consistently.  In that vein, I've improved the script for getting your schedule, putting your name on the dead head PNR, and checking in for flights in your Deadhead Flight List.

Rev 46

Fixes a bug that would allow only 8 lines of generic pairing in the generic bid group to be uploaded into NavBlue.  The maximum number is actually 40 lines of generic pairings.

Rev 45

  1. Updates the date tags for the May bid month so that your bid script will upload correctly

  2. Completes the code for adding your name to deadhead flights.  Just select the flight in the list and click on the button to add your name.  Within 24 hours the "Check In" button will go green for the selected flight.  You can then click "Check In" and SIU will automatically check you in and have your boarding pass sent to your cell- assuming the number you enter in "Settings" is your cell phone number.

  3. Adds some cosmetic improvements.

Rev 42

    Hopefully fixes a problem some of you have had uploading your bid scripts.  I can't test for all scripts but I believe I found the issue.  This update also chances basic Icrew login so that it doesn't bypass any of the pop-ups.

Rev 41

  1. Updates date tags to work with the April version of the NavBlue Date Selection calendar

  2. Updates SIU to detect what I hope will be all offline deadheads when you get your current and future schedules

  3. Fixes the bid script for getting your time card.

Rev 39

  1. Didn't quite get the date tag issue correct in Rev 38.  It's completely correct in this update

  2. Will now put offline deadhead flights into the deadhead flight list when you get your schedule

Rev 38

The saga of bid scrip upload continues.  There is little consistency in the way NavBlue tags their calendar date fields.  Every month seems to be different.  I'm trying to create a generalized solution which works for all cases, but so far I don't think I've completely broken the code.  So this could happen again next month- will have to wait and see.  In any case, this update fixes the upload issues for March 2019.

Rev 37

  1. Fixes the bid script processing for uploading your Bid into Navblue.  It turns out that SIU was not designed for a bid month like February where the bid month has dates in three different months.  The solution is a general solution which will accommodate any future bid month spans.

  2. Adds the ability to order your days off in the generic bid in the order you prefer them off.  When you click to upload your bid, a window will open that allows you to order the days the way you want.  Just click the days in the left list to transfer to the right list in the order you want.  If you don't want to order click [Cancel].  After you have arranged the order, click the button below the ordered list to use in your uploaded bid.

Rev 35

  1. Improves the macros for getting your reasons report, downloading pairings, and downloading your pay statement.  Also improves "end-of-year-into-new-year" logic for each of those.

  2. Makes several other minor bug fixes.

Rev 34

Modifies the Navblue login script.  Delta changed the way Navblue loads after synchronization which necessitated a change to the SIU login script so that it works properly.  Make sure you follow the instruction in the pop-up windows that appear during synchronization.  This is important because the SIU script must be synchronized with what appears on Navblue as it loads or the script will crash and you won't get a successful login and bid load.

Rev 32/33

  1. Fixes a bid script parsing problem that would occur if you bookmark a large set of pairings that are then included in the generic bid group.  Once this limit was exceeded the bid script processing would stop and generate the error message "Bid Script Parsing Error".  This problem is now fixed so that you can have up to 320 bookmarked pairings.

  2. Fixes an error condition that would occur when showing stats in the pilot flight log.  I omitted four critical files in previous builds that are needed to display the flight stats.

Rev 31

    Fixes a error condition that occurs during the first trial day registration screen.

Rev 30

  1. Now will bypass Icrew pop-ups when going to the Jumpseat page

  2. Will now get pairings with either method of pairing file presentation on Deltanet

Rev 29

    Fixes a problem that could occur when getting current schedule.

Rev 28

  1. Fixes a problem processing transition pairings in the pilot log book.

  2. Updates pairing download to reflect new changes to the Delta web page.

Rev 26

  1. Fixes an bug in getting deadhead flights when the flight is before the current date.

  2. Adds additional functionality to the Deadhead Flight List screen.  You can now manually enter your confirmation code and check the "Listed" box.

  3. Adds a clock feature to the display options.

Rev 25

  1. Improves operation of the Deadhead Flight List Screen.

  2. Improves aesthetics.

Rev 24

  1. Fixes a problem displaying the Reasons Report after being downloaded.

  2. Fixes a problem displaying the pay statement after being downloaded.

  3. Improves the deadhead flight list screen by allowing you to delete selected entries in the table.

Rev 22

  1. Makes refinements to schedule capture algorithm when schedule has been modified and pairing split.

  2. Improves the DH Flight List Screen.

Rev 21

Makes pairing download more robust because Delta doesn't keep the same naming convention month-to-month so SIU must try a couple of different historically based formats

Rev 20

  1. Fixes a problem identifying the correct A/B pairing in re-schedule situations when getting the current schedule.

  2. Fixes a problem identifying the correct date when getting DH flights and putting them on the DH flight list.

Rev 19

  1. Fixes a problem performing the NavBlue login test (and bidscript upload) when you have training on your calendar.  The new script will select the current bid tab automatically before continuing the script.

  2. Fixes a problem getting the current schedule if you had no pop-ups in ICrew.

  3. Continues to refine the auto-listing on deadhead flights on your schedule.

  4. Improves the "Sick History" button feature.

Rev 18

  1. Fixes a problem getting the current schedule introduced with the pop-up bypass capability. 

  2. I continue to work on making the "List on Deadheads" script work properly.  I can test it only when I get a new deadhead on my schedule so it's still a work in progress.  Given the latest update, it may or may not work completely.  If you have a deadhead and try it, let me know.  As far as I know, this is the only remaining "open" issue with the currently deployed functionality.

Rev 17

  1. Fixes a problem with the Open Time script.

  2. Makes improvements to the deadhead listing script.

  3. Now correctly process Flight Duty Period (FDP) info when processing logbook pairings.  In the near future I will likelyadd "real time" FDP information for the current month, most likely in the Bid Central Flight Calendar if there is sufficient demand for that feature.

Rev 15

  1. Fixes a "file not found" error when getting future schedule.  Also fixes an issue getting deadhead flights and adding them to your future schedule.

  2. Bypasses up to three pop-ups when logging into ICrew.

  3. Fixes a timing issue when getting the reasons report.

  4. Incorporates the new secondary authentication when downloading your pay statement.  Also uses a different technique to ensure it works correctly.

  5. Adds a button to go to your yearly sick usage.

  6. Working on PFD in the Pilot Flight Logbook.  Haven't yet figured out why that isn't working because it's a low priority at this point.

Rev 14

  1. Fixes an issue introduced in the last revision that would produce an error message when printing the pilot flight logbook

  2. Fixes an issue in which SIU was not extracting all of the deadhead flights into the DH flight list after getting your current schedule

  3. Improves login into Icrew when you have a slower internet connection.  This applies to any of the SIU functions that use Icrew.

Rev 13

  1. Adds a debug mode to the NavBlue login test and the first part of Bid Script Entry.  To activate the debug mode select "Show Scripts" in the "Settings" tab

  2. Fixes an error condition that would occur in certain combinations of commands that would cause a "File Already Open" error message.

Rev 12

  1. Fixes a problem parsing certain bid scripts.  You would get an "unable to parse bid script" error when trying to upload your bid script.

  2. Fixes links to this website on the "Registration" and "About SIU" screens.

  3. Fixes a problem when getting previous months schedule for the log book if a pairing was split into "A" and "B" parts during the trip.

Rev 09

  1. Improves cosmetics

  2. Fixes an issue adding other pilot names to pairings in Bid Central.  Pairings no longer must be on the BC FC for this feature to work correctly.

Rev 08

  1. Fixes the "Go To Time Card" script.

  2. Changes the timing on the "Get Pay Statement" script.

  3. Fixes an error condition that could occur when getting current or future schedules.

Rev 06/07

Fixes a different problem in the registration screen when the code is correct.

Rev 05

  1. Fixes a problem with the registration screen that would occur after entering and submitting the registration code.

  2. Adds a "Get Reasons Report" button.

Rev 04

    - Fixes an issue which would cause the current month's schedule to display after getting your future schedule.

Rev 02

  1. Fixes a problem getting and displaying the "Reasons" or "Composite" report.  There is now an option to display an already downloaded "Reasons report" in the "Display" menu.

  2. Fixes a problem adding the other pilot names from your current and future schedule.  You must also download Rev 81 of Bid Central and "Save" the FC at least once with the schedule pairings in the FC before getting the latest version of your schedule in Send-It-Up.

  3. Fixes a problem identifying all DH flights and adding them to the DH Flight List after getting your current or future schedule.

  4. Fixes a problem adding your name to the PNR from the deadhead flight list.

  5. Fixes an error condition that could occur when getting your current schedule.

  6. Fixes a problem identifying the correct Pay Stub to display after you automatically download the pay stub.

Rev 01

  1. Fixes a problem parsing the generic bid script when items in the schedule generator directives were checked.  For now, will enter the generic part of the script without including any schedule generator directives commands.

  2. Fixes an error condition that could occur when trying to upload your bid script consecutively without closing Send-It-Up first.

  3. Will now automatically add the other pilot name to your Pilot Segment Form and F/A Briefing form after retrieving your current and future schedule where the pairings match on the Bid Central Flight Calendar.