Send-It-Up Information Page

What is Send-it-Up?

Send-it-Up is a new companion application to Bid Central that does many things.  The most important of those is automatically uploading your Bid Central bid script into PBS.   You no longer have to enter your bid manually into the Navblue interface.  Send-it-Up will do that for you.  Click this link to watch an overview video of Send-It-Up.

But that isn't the only feature of Send-it-Up.   You also now have single-click download of the pairings .zip file right into Bid Central.  With one click from the Send-it-Up dashboard the pairings in your category (for the month you specify) will be downloaded so that when you start Bid Central they are waiting to be processed.

Finally, Send-it-Up offers single click access to the ICrew main screen, Open Time, Travelnet, Jumpseat booking,  your Paycheck,  your past, current, and future schedule.  It will also automatically upload all the previous month's actual flying into the Pilot Flight Logbook. Send-it-Up will also automatically populate the other pilot name(s) on the F/A briefing form and Pilot Segment Forms in BC after retrieving your current or future schedule in cases where those specific pairings have been added to your BC Flight Calendar.

Here are some features I expect to add incrementally:  (1)  Automatic Jumpseat booking at the earliest possible moment as I believe I have cracked the code on this capability.  (2)  Automatic entry of scheduled and actual flying into the BC Flight Calendar when you update your current and future schedule.  (3)  Ability to automatically process any made-up pairing in open time in Bid Central and test for legality in the Flight Calendar.  (4) Integration of commuter flights scheduling/jumpseat flight selection in BC with Travelnet.  (5)  A subscription service for open time and the Icrew Swap board.  (6)  Additional capability I haven't yet thought of that I think will add to the user experience.

How much does it Cost?

Because of the tremendous effort required to develop the bid script upload  and other capability, capability, Send-it-Up will be a separate add-on subscription to Bid Central at a cost of $40/year.  Considering the time you will save not having to manually enter your bid every month (not to mention, no mistakes) this is a bargain.  Furthermore, there will be a one-time licensing fee for the IMacros Player that is installed with Send-it-Up.  This player acts as the interface between the Send-it-Up processing algorithms and Navblue PBS, and all other Internet functions.  This player appears on your screen as the "Send-It-Up Execution Browser" and it is very similar to Internet Explorer in appearance.  The one-time cost for the IMacros Player license is $99 + tax.  You can purchase the player license on the Send It Up registration page.  Just include the payment with your subscription.  You will need to purchase your player license for Send-it-Up to work properly.

After Installation:

After installing Send-It-Up, right-click on the Send-It-Up icon and select "Properties".  After the Properties window comes up, click the "Compatibility" tab.  Then check the box next to "Run as Administrator" and click [Apply].  You can now click on the Send-It-Up icon to start the following: (1)  Click on the IMacros desktop icon to open.  (2)  Click "Buy Now".  (3)  Click "Already a Customer"  (4)  Enter your Player License Code.  (5)  Close the IMacros Browser.  You must also configure the Send-It-Up browser from the Configuration tab.  Click the button and follow the instructions.

VERY IMPORTANT:  When you perform that NavBlue Login Test or Upload your Bid Script, make sure that no boxes are checked on the NavBlue Synchronization Screen.  You may have to open NavBlue in your browser (just copy the web address) to permanently uncheck the boxes.  If any boxes are checked, the login in test and bid script upload may not work!

Click this link to download and Install Send-It-Up.  Click run after downloading.

Revision Information:

Rev 95

Updates the Nav Blue bid month tags for Jan 2021 so you can successfully upload your bid script.

Rev 94

Updates the Nav Blue bid month tags for Oct 2020 so you can successfully upload your bid script.

Rev 93

There were significant changes in Navblue again this month which broke SIU bid script uploading.  This update makes changes so that your bid should upload successfully.

Rev 92

Adds bid month date tags for Sep 2020 so you can upload your bid script.

Rev 91

There was a change in the Navblue command for starting a new schedule bid group that rendered SIU bid uploading inoperative.  This update corrects that issue.

Rev 90

Adds bid month date tags for July so you can upload your bid without issues.

Rev 89

I made a mistake in the last update which made it impossible for SIU to enter your selected off days in your generic bid group when uploading your bid script.  Fixed in this update.

Rev 88

Includes the bid month date tags for June 2020 so you can upload your bid.

Rev 87

Includes a macro change necessary for SIU to properly upload your bid script.  This problem could have also occurred last month because my testing created conditions where the problem wouldn't show.

Rev 86

Includes bid month date tags for May 2020.  These tags are required to upload your May bid.

Rev 85

The big news is the ability to now generate and upload "followed by" scripts even in schedules with more than five pairings.  Bid Central recognizes this kind of script and structures it in a way for SIU to parse it and upload it correctly.  Because you could possibly be awarded partial schedules, SIU will construct the bid to mitigate this possibility.  Here is the strategy:  Say a schedule contains seven trips.  Instead of dividing the schedule into a five-trip "followed by" and a two trip "followed by", BC will construct the bid using a four trip "followed by' and a three trip "followed by".  That way if PBS can award one "followed by" and not the other, it will likely result in credit value being below the minimum credit value, so the schedule will not be awarded and will be cleared with a "Clear_Schedule_and_Start_Next_Bid_Group" command before progressing the next schedule group.   If the "followed by" group contains an entire schedule (say four or five trips)  there is no need to clear and start again if the "followed by" group is not awarded.  This new capability gives pilots the greatest possible flexibility in building schedules in the RamJet without any constraints on the number of trips those schedules can contain and still work with SIU.  Please note that you must also install the latest version of Bid Central (also to be released on March 7) to take advantage of this new capability as SIU depends upon a modified bid script format from Bid Central.  Also note that when uploading this new type of script, SIU will display the running script on the left side of the Imacros Browser.  I may be able to not show this panel in future updates but I cannot be certain at this juncture.

Rev 84

  1. The Bid Month Date tags for April.  These tags are required to upload your April 2020 bid script.
  2. A new bid script to reflect the changes made to getting your pay stub.  After your pay stub downloads it will show automatically in your web browser.  The Display Menu has changed so that you can use Alt-1 to immediately display your most recently downloaded pay statement.
  3. Improves the immediate display of the reasons report after you automatically download it.

Rev 83

  1. Update the bid month date tags for March 2020 so you can upload your March bids.  Sorry this took so long.

  2. There is now a problem getting the paycheck information.  Working on a fix which I will release in the near future.

  3. Also working on the ability to upload bid scripts that use multiple "followed by's" to define each schedule.  This will allow you to have as many trips in a schedule as you like and still use the "followed by" construct to bid.  I wanted to have this out by now but I simply haven't found enough time at home to work on this.  I expect to release this powerful new feature for April bidding.

Rev 80

  1. Updates the script to get your paycheck to reflect changes in the Delta website.

  2. Updates the bid month date tags for Feb 2020. 

Rev 80

  1. Updates SIU Navblue login test and bid script entry to account for the changes in Navblue

  2. Updates the bid month date tags for Jan 2020

Rev 78

Any greater than six days off was being truncated in the generic bid of the bid script.  This update should fix that issue as long as you also update to Rev 110 of Bid Central

Rev 77

Fixes an issue displaying pay statements.  Now when you select the menu item to view pay statements, a window will open allowing you to select the pay statement you want to view from those you have downloaded previously in SIU.

Rev 74

  1. Adds bid month date tags for Dec 2019 bidding

  2. Completes the solution for adding your name to the deadhead PNR including adding TSA information.

  3. Completes the solution for deadhead flight check-in from the deadhead flight list.  Will send your boarding pass to your cell phone.

Rev 70

  1. Fixes an error condition that would occur when getting future schedule.

  2. Adds bid month date tags for Nov 2019 bidding

  3. Adds TSA info for automatically adding your name to the deadhead PNR.  To enter this info go to the "Personal Information" tab and then click "Enter TSA Info"

  4. Improve the script for deadhead flight check-in.