Send-It-Up Registration Page

The subscription price for Send-It-Up is $40/year.  You will also have a one-time cost of $99 + tax to acquire a license for the IMacros Player which is required for Send-It-Up to function.  You can use the IMacros Player free for 30 days, but in the "trial mode" it won't work properly with all Send-It-Up functionality.  That's because every time the IMacros browser opens it creates a "Continue with Free Trial" pop-up message that interferes with the instruction flow from the Send-It-Up application to the browser.  So you need to purchase a license for the IMacros Player.  I currently have 9 IMacros Player licenses which I am offering at a 10% discount to the first 9 people who register.  If you want to purchase one of these discounted licenses, click on the "Buy Now" button below.  After I receive payment, I will send you the player license code.  If you are not included in that group, you will have open the IMacros Player from your desktop and purchase the Player License and enter the license code after purchasing.  Please note that this purchase has a 120 day money back guarantee.  When you purchase the player license, please enter "Softmica" as the company.  If enough people purchase player licenses, I will be able to offer a rebate at some point in the future.

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