Softmica Password Manager (SPM) Product Information


The genesis of SPM was my own continuing battle with websites and my passwords to log into them.  In today's wired world, we access so many different sites to do so many different things, that remembering passwords for them (or even keeping track of them) has become a perpetual headache.  Many people have told me that they use the same password for every site.  Needless to say, that approach could result in a security nightmare should that password ever fall into the wrong hands.  Others have said that they write down all of their passwords in a little notebook.  Obviously, if that notebook were lost or stolen, a security firestorm could be unleashed upon them.  I had been keeping a small data table on my computer with website names and passwords.  That approach was neither very secure nor very accessible when I needed a forgotten password.


Out of these frustrations and security issues was born SPM.  All passwords in SPM are encrypted using a proprietary algorithm.  If anybody were ever to inspect your computer (with SPM installed) and figure out where these passwords were stored, they wouldn't find passwords at all.  Instead they would find a long string of characters  which are the encrypted representation of those passwords.  So your password information is protected-- safe and secure.


And the great thing about SPM is that when you press the GO button to open the selected website, SPM will actually go to the site and enter the username and password for you, and in most cases log on to the site automatically.  How easy can it be?  It can be easier still.  Just set the "Go Direct" buttons and you don't even have to select the site first.  Just press the appropriate button or corresponding function key and SPM will open your web browser and in most instances automatically log you on to the site.  "Go Direct" buttons will show the name of the site when you move the mouse pointer over the button.  When I site uses a java script directed login, SPM will not be able to enter the information automatically.  But no problem here either as SPM will initiate an automatic sequential copy after the site has loaded.  You can then listen to the sounds and sequentially copy your user id and password without having to refer back to SPM.


And it's easy to get your websites into SPM.  I've included a master list of 135 of the most popular website logon pages.  Just select the Import button and this list appears as shown in the screenshot to the right. ( just scroll down the list in the right frame.) To transfer, you click on the sites you want to import, select the [Transfer..] button and your personal website list is populated with the new sites.  Then all you need do is enter your user name and password for each site and you're ready to use the auto-login capability of SPM.


SPM also has a page for securely entering all of your credit cards.  If your cards are ever lost or stolen, you'll know right where to go and what number to call to cancel the card.   And if you're online and need to look up a credit card information for an online purchase, SPM is ready with that information.  Again, for security, the credit card number and PIN number are both encrypted to keep them safe and secure.  SPM equals peace-of-mind.


There is another screen for entering secure items of any sort that you want available yet protected with the critical information encrypted.  See the second-to-last screenshot on the right.


SPM also gives you reporting capability for all of your data.  There are reports for web sites, credit cards, and other secure items.  Simply print the report and put it in a safe place for a hard-copy backup of all your critical data.  You can even generate an html version of any of the reports and then email them to yourself or another person.  Should your hard drive ever crash or your computer ever be stolen, you can always use your hard copy to reconstitute your data.


SPM supports multiple users (an unlimited number) on the same computer.  SPM  separately stores and encrypts each data set.  The appropriate data set is selected when the user is selected. Each user has their own master password.  Each data set is automatically backed up when the SPM session for that user is completed.


SPM will save you time, keep you organized, and provide peace of mind.   With SPM there is only one password to remember and you can even set an answer to a secret question in case you forget the master password.  There are many other security features as well including:

Why wait?  Download SPM now and make your online life easier, faster, safer and secure.  And if you're wondering why to choose  SPM over any other competing program here is your answer.  SPM is a better value (only $10.95).  SPM keeps all of your information in one place with continuous backup.  SPM is non-intrusive- there are no annoying pop-ups or plug-ins.  SPM securely supports different users on the same computer.  This is simply a great application at a high-value price.


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