Mr Sudoku Puzzle Solver Overview


The Mr Sudoku Puzzle Solver allows you to get solutions for any Suduko puzzle.  You can save up to 500 different puzzles for easy recall.  Before solving any puzzle,  you can put the mouse over any cell to get the valid entries for that cell.  When you solve a puzzle, you can keep the solution hidden and get a hint for a given cell by "right-clicking" over that cell.  Any cell shown with a blue background has only one valid entry so it is a good place to begin.  If you enter an invalid number into a cell Mr Sudoku will warn you.  You can print puzzles that show or don't show the possible entries for each cell.


The puzzle solving algorithm is very fast.  It solves the puzzle using logic much the way you would.  You no longer have to wait until the next days paper to either get help or see the result.  And to show the power of your computer, it provides a display of how long it takes to solve the puzzle.


Latest version is 1.26


If you've downloaded any previous versions, please uninstall using add/remove programs before installing the new version.

                                                    Click here to Download version 1.26